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7 body language mistakes that you should avoid at the moment of selling.

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Sales Training | 29 de agosto, 2022

Body language includes all movements and gestures ranging from your sitting posture to the way you play with your hair. All of these movements express something you can not say verbally, and the person in front of you is picking up every nonverbal word.

The message that we convey to our prospects or clients is 97 percent body language (non-verbalized), different studies indicate that the face can produce more than 250 thousand different gestures while the hands can produce more than five thousand expressions; improper use can make you win or lose a sale in a moment.

As a salesperson, it is vital that you take into account the following seven common body language mistakes at the time of your appointment:


  1. Giving priority to your smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc.  This is a clear sign that you are not interested in what they are telling you. 
  2. Clapping and rubbing your hands together. Doing this may indicate that you are nervous or uncomfortable. 
  3. Dressing untidy. If you look untidy, your image will be unprofessional and show that you just do not care. 
  4. Watching the clock.  It indicates that you have something more important to do than what your prospect is saying. 
  5. Crossed arms. It will make you look defensive. 
  6. Rolling eyes.  Moving your eyes from side to side will indicate a lack of confidence in your words. 
  7. Lack of eye contact. You will make people think that you cannot be trusted and that you are hiding something. 



In the business world, you have only a few minutes to convince or give information to someone.   

However, any one of these mistakes can take just a few seconds and end your negotiation. Do not lose a prospect or customer because of the wrong use of your nonverbal language.

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