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Consumers and their buying process

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Marketing | 6 de marzo, 2023

How would you describe the most important function in a business? Simple as that, selling is the most important function. Thats obvious, having satisfied customers is important.

However, with more than 30 years in business coaching, paradoxically we have found companies that are designed not to sell, with no processes, no strategies, and no qualified salespeople. This is why it is vital to contact more contacts and improve your chances of success.  The more we contact and the better we make known what we sell, the better-qualified prospects (leads) we will have and consequently, the negotiation rate will increase. Selling is a matter of numbers, it is pure probability.

Consumers want companies that can provide services whenever and wherever they need them.

A large percentage of consumers do prior research on the Internet about the products they are interested in before contacting the company or visiting the shop floor. This is why it is strategic to have staff trained in the consultative approach, also called psychological selling.

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Although there are several ways in which a potential customer could make a purchase decision, we can simplify the process as follows:  


- Discover a need

- Gather information about it

- Researches alternatives

- Make a purchase decision


Demand generation consists of being present in the first three steps through the digital media we have at our disposal today. Brands that accompany prospects during the entire buying process have a much higher chance of being chosen.


A few days ago, I saw an interview with an IT expert in which he stated that digitalization has meant that salespeople are no longer needed. Nothing could be further from the truth; we now require more than ever qualified salespeople - as I said at the beginning - that is, empowered with approaches to different sales models, skills in tools and programs, and definitely with new working habits for this world of radical changes.


I agree that the role and profile have changed: now we no longer sell, they buy from us; potential clients no longer search in the markets, but in the networks. Now we are no longer salespeople, but advisors to the point of becoming our clients strategic partners.

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