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Customer classification according to channel.

Upnify Editorial Team - 26 de agosto, 2022

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How to classify the customer according to the channel to which they belong, you have probably heard of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

NLP has contributed a lot to the development of the sales area, one of them is the one that points out that there are three types of customers that we must identify as follows:

- Visual customers.

- Hearing customers.

- Kinesthetic customers.

If you apply this customer classification you will be able to detect which group, they belong to. You will start talking to them in their channel, remember that people prefer to buy according to their preferences.

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Visual Customers

A visual customer is someone who likes to be shown things, you will identify the visual ones, family members or managers, because they usually dress very well and go with the right outfit. You can get to their office and you will notice that on their desk everything is tidy, everything is visually correct, they have pictures maybe very colorful and they are people that even when they talk, they use terms like:

-See what I mean.

-Hey, do you bring some samples?

They want to see things, when you have your sales presenter folder, they want to see graphics, colors, if there is something they don't like, they are going to tell you terms or phrases such as:

-Hey, it looks black out there.

-It looks gray in the future.

They talk to you in different terms and even question themselves, and when they are Visual Managers just designated, usually the first thing they do is to open the window to see how it looks. What should you do with a visual client? it is recommended to show them documents, presentations, images, things with a high visual content, etc.

You have to identify now if he is auditive, if his auditory canal is stronger, when you want to talk to that person about a problem, he will tell you:

-Hey, something is making a lot of noise.

-Hey, let's talk!

Hearing Customer

The hearing customer prefers to talk, their favorite channel is conversation, when you show them your sales presentation folder, perhaps they will not pay much attention to it, they will give it back to you and tell you:

-Let's see, what's this all about?

They prefer you to talk, in fact they are the customers who immediately notice when you talk nonsense and tell you:

-I don't think that's the way it is.

Or they may correct you or want to ask you difficult questions that they know you are not going to answer and they will answer themselves.

For them you have to structure your sentences perfectly, you have to say things in a convincing way, modulate your voice, remember that this is the way to seduce and persuade an auditive type of client. You will identify them because sometimes they have in their office background music or a fish tank.

Kinesthetic Customers

Kinesthetic customers (also called sensitive or sensory) are customers with a lot of contact, they are very warm people, when they are bosses the first thing they do when they get to the office is to sit on the couch and say ´What a pleasure it is to be a boss´a kinesthetic always prefers comfort to looking good.


Why is it important to classify customers? Because when you become an expert salesperson and you can identify visual, hearing and kinesthetic customers, you will be able to sell to them in their channel. Let's suppose you are a car salesperson and you have a visual customer:

  • To a visual customer you have to tell them the color, the line, how the presentation of the car looks.
  • To a hearing customer you have to put him in the car, many times a hearing customer when he is going to buy a car the first thing he does is to turn on the stereo, they associate pleasant things.

To a kinesthetic, you can sit him in the car and ask him, doesn't this car seem comfortable? And it involves other emotions:

-Take a breath.

-How does it smell?

-How would you feel driving this car?

When you identify whether your customers are visual, hearing or kinesthetic, your sales will improve considerably.

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