Images are important for sales?

Upnify Editorial Team - 11 de enero, 2023


At the end of this article, you will know: (Reading Time 5 minutes)
1.- Why a picture sells more than a thousand words.
2.- The role of the sense of sight in sales
3.- 6 pages to download images that will help you to sell

A picture sells more than a thousand words, and no one is unaware that the sales process has a lot of communication, most salespeople think that the sales pitch consists of a speech, but when we do not have a lead in front of us, the rules of the game change

Apple is a clear example, they bet on two very important things, a unique value proposition and a sense of belonging, most of their communications are esthetically perfect and transmit the value of their brand in a proper graphic design.


Planeación y Creatividad


Joseph LeDoux, Director of Neuroscience at New York University, has shown that, of all the senses, the one that works the fastest is the visual sense, the optic nerve sends information 25 times faster than the auditory nerve. Even neuroscience recognizes that the reptilian brain registers images long before our neocortex brain can even recognize what it is seeing, let alone have time to analyze it.


Creating a visual representation of how your product can positively impact the world of your prospects becomes indispensable. We know that generating the graphic material can be a challenge and could demand a lot of resources so we offer you a useful list of support sites to generate content.


1.  Pixabay

On this platform you can find a great variety of photographs and vectors for personal or commercial use, most of them can be downloaded for free.



2. Freepik

On this platform you can find a great variety of photographs and vectors for personal or commercial use, most of them can be downloaded for free.





On foter, you can find millions of photos from different sources and categories under the Creative Commons license. The search is very easy and offers you multiple size options. It also provides you with the HTML code so you can embed it in your blog or website.



4. Vexels

Another website where you can download free vectors and other useful graphic resources. You don't need to register but you need to attribute the rights to the author if you make commercial use of these graphic elements.



5. Icon Finder

Find and download to your computer almost 2 million icons in SVG, png, and iconjar format. To access all its contents you will have to create a paid account.



6. Brandsoftheworld

It is a website where you can download free vectorized logos to use in your designs. Remember to keep an eye on the copyright to use these free brand vectors properly.




This list of pages will be very useful for you when you create automatic communications or personalized emails for your leads and with that, you will be able to close more sales.

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