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Improve your organizational culture with an institutional phrase

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Training | 9 de enero, 2023

In Upnify's blog we are implementing a new section called We are all Upnify, in which we talk about us and the good practices we carry out within the company that can also help you improve productivity within your company and in general to improve your organizational culture, we talk about how we managed to strengthen our organizational culture with an institutional phrase.

In this article we want to tell you where the name of the section came from and why implementing an institutional phrase like this within your company helps to strengthen the organizational culture, but before we start, it is convenient to define what an institutional phrase is and what it can be useful for.


What is an institutional phrase?

Most companies are divided into departments and surely yours will not be the exception, this division is very helpful when focusing a particular group of people on specific goals, and this is where departmental goals arise. However, this can be contradictory when a rivalry begins to exist between the different departments and everyone focuses on their objectives and ignores the company's objectives.



"Walking in different directions is one of the reasons why companies do not continue to grow after they have consolidated"

An excellent strategy to avoid this type of division is to implement an institutional phrase that summarizes in a few words the essence of the company, below we tell you how in our case we started using the phrase "We are all Upnify" and we invite you to also choose a phrase as a personal seal of your company.


The story behind the phrase "We are all Upnify"

A few years ago, the Talent Attraction and Development department came up with the proposal to implement an institutional phrase that would be the company's seal, it had to be a motivational phrase that would consolidate the company's identity as one single being and not as different departments functioning separately.


After brainstorming and teamwork, the phrase We Are All Upnify emerged, which began to be used in institutional communications, and general meetings, until this phrase was already heard in conversations at lunchtime, it simply became part of our day-to-day




Why you should also implement an institutional phrase?

Each company has its identity elements that contribute to unifying the company's image, that is, how it is perceived by both its external and internal public. Two important elements for the identity of a company are the mission and the vision, but how many times have you asked a random employee of the company if they do not know the mission?


However, this is usually more recurrent than you think, the mission of a company is usually a paragraph of more than four lines that few employees learn by heart, but you do not want them to just repeat it by heart, the idea of a mission is that each member of the company lives it every day, only then will the growth of your company be achieved, working all in one direction.

The institutional phrase should represent the whole essence of your company, a phrase that everyone can identify with. At Upnify we have witnessed the benefits that implementing an institutional phrase has on the work environment and we invite you to do the same in your company, we are sure you will see the results very soon.



If you decide to implement an institutional phrase within your company, we would love to hear about it. Share your experience with us through our social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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