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Improves the working environment and increases productivity

Upnify Editorial Team - 31 de agosto, 2022

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Simple acts of continuous performance will boost morale in the workplace and, of course, increase employee productivity.

There is no doubt that we live a turbulent existence and the daily hustle and bustle, added to monetary pressures, family problems and even work tension, generate an impressive load of stress in each person. How can we neutralize that stress?

It is not my intention to paint a pessimistic picture, on the contrary, I want to make you aware that each employee already brings with them a heavy baggage and if the work environment is not favorable, it can add to that weight and can bring down the employees attitude.

However, in a favorable work environment, productivity will improve and this will have an impact on each employees attitude towards personal problems, helping to reduce the emotional weight that each employee already carries by default.

Every organization suffers from great pressure due to a constantly changing and highly competitive world. The challenge is not to fall into unnecessary or excessive pressure trying to achieve better economic results, because the basis of any organization is its members.

This text aims to be a brief guide to obtain an excellent work environment that keeps the motivation of employees at its optimum level, thus achieving the best results for the company. I show you how to get it.


There are many cases of companies where the organization is completely closed. Managers and directors who do not leave their offices and manage strategies from behind their desks. Generals at headquarters.


This dynamic may work for some, but we recommend a MBWA (Management by Walking Around) approach. This practice is based on the idea that walking around the work teams in an unstructured or unplanned way generates great results.

By maintaining this closeness with employees, several positive things are achieved, there is the opportunity for better communication (which we will talk about later), learning from the work teams and generating an environment of greater trust. It is about connecting with the team, being present and finding areas of opportunity efficiently. For some, the idea of a boss who has always been in their foxhole and now walks around the office can be intimidating. However, by doing so continuously and with the right mindset, it builds the trust we are looking for.


Every company must have processes, procedures, structure and they must be clear, that does not mean that when you communicate with your team you must be rigid and strict. It is not enough to tell them how the company works, this could be interpreted as authoritarian. If, on the contrary, the processes to be optimized are written in a structured way in a manual, detailing what each work profile must follow and, together with this, induction or training sessions are generated where they are also reminded that in case of a contingency, extraordinary situation or any other issue they want to discuss in relation to these processes, the office doors will be open, so you can talk to the superior and everything will flow in a better way.


If the entire work team is able to clearly understand the objectives and knows exactly how to achieve them and what role each member has in it, productivity will soar, with the added benefit of a favorable work environment. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain effective and constant communication.

One way to do this is to take advantage of the communication approach with the boss present and try to identify situations that require refreshing these objectives and even channel or align them as the case may be. Also, all employees should know that they can communicate openly, even with their superiors, without fear of reprisals and that their voice will be taken into account, as this will be key, both to maintain a healthy work environment and not to miss opportunities for improvement.


There is a very good reason why companies like Google, Airbnb or Dropbox work so hard to have those offices with entertainment, spa, gym and more. A happy employee is a productive employee, proven. And it does not mean they have to come with a video game console and a 60-inch screen to the office, it is all about maintaining a good work environment, that is all. If you don not have the budget of the companies, we mentioned there is no problem, it is enough to be aware of the comfort in each workplace, the workload, work schedules, benefits and other responsibilities and rights given to the collaborator. Working in a place that encourages work-life balance will always keep employees on their toes. A simple detail such as a glass of fruit every day generates a feeling of belonging. Employees know that the company cares about what they experience every day in their workplaces, therefore, the work environment is much better.


There is a mistaken belief that creativity is something inherent to the type of personality you have, that is, if you are outgoing, sociable and original, you are a creative person, or on the contrary, there are those who believe that if you are a person out of the ordinary, daring and restless, you are creative. Nothing could be more wrong.

Creativity is nothing more than the ability to generate new ideas that meet a need for the company or the client.

Many creative ideas have come from conservative people, it is about working with a problem-solving attitude, design thinking, not being afraid of failure and tenacity. Try to give your employees the tools to face every problem in the organization in this way.


Team victories are celebrated. It is also right to give them a name and a surname. There is nothing more motivating than getting recognition for our work, when a collaborator has a great achievement, recognizing it before his colleagues manages to plant the seed of passion for what is done. Remember to let your employees know how important they are in their process for the well-being of the company.

These are just some of the actions that can be performed every day to maintain a healthy work environment, try it, apply others, try and try again, never be afraid to look for the actions that best fit with the way of being of your employees and the philosophy of your company.

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