Assign goals with different scores

Empower your team to reach their goals

Upnify Editorial Team - 19 de mayo, 2022

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Assign goals with different scores that added together represent 100% of your executives´ goals. Organize your goals with customized tabs.

Personalize your goals and sell more!

Each company must assign the appropriate monitoring that must be carried out for the proper functioning of this, there are essential processes that cannot be overlooked, among them are the goals.

The goals of a company must be clear, with specific and achievable objectives, in this way results will be obtained in the defined time, it is important to consider that if there are no objectives in between, it will not be possible to carry out the fulfillment of these.

Communication must be clear, this will be a factor that will influence decision making, the message must be directed to the objectives, this will facilitate the relationship between the departments that depend on the fulfillment of the goals.

It is important to assign objectives that are useful and help focus your sales team to get on track to achieve what they are assigned in a timely manner.

By assigning objectives and goals you will be able to motivate your team and generate self-confidence in them.

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With Upnify you can keep a proper record of your goals, track them and assign them to your executives, this action plan will give them the visibility of a clearer picture for the following processes.

 Goals achieved and better control

  1. Create goals by groups, executives or the entire company.
  2. Measure 100% of objectives.
  3. Gain quick and easy visibility into progress.

New goals

  1. Know your executives´ access to the system and their portfolio coverage.
  2. Add manual goals and modify their information.
  3. Customizable tabs to group goals.


Set your team´s goals!

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