The Mission and the Spirit of the Winning Salesperson

Patricio Peker - 27 de febrero, 2017


The spirit of the salesperson is a sum of qualities and attitudes but, in essence, it is a set of values and principles which make up that special being called salesperson. Among them, there will undoubtedly be the sense of mission, which is pursued with perseverance until the objective is reached.

They will also be results oriented, which are not achieved in any way, but with ethics and always thinking of the benefit of the recipient. Not to mention the presence of leadership attributes and being a great communicator, essential to interact and develop the fundamental relationships of their work. In the spirit of a successful salesperson there is a competitive spirit, a fighter, full of passion and love for his profession.

The salesperson's mission:

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"My mission as a salesperson is to help my clients make good decisions in the short, medium and long term. I will not only seek their momentary satisfaction, but also their success. To the extent that I help my customers, my company, my bosses, my colleagues, my team, and my family achieve what they want and need, they will help me achieve what I want and need."
The salesperson's mission will always be to surpass his or her past achievements, with measures related to customer satisfaction, teamwork, excellent work environment, profitability balance of service provided to a community and market always willing and in need. There are therefore two sides of the same coin, which the salesperson must keep an eye on to ensure growth. On one side will be the desire to achieve and attain sales results, and on the other side will be the importance that these results translate into service benefits for customers and for the company he represents.

The salesperson's mission needs to have earthly and altruistic objectives that together give meaning to his profession.


The relentless pursuit of customer benefit:

The spirit of the salesman flows and wanders until he finds the light that guides him in the proper way to address the customer's problem and need. Once the need is found, he will call upon all his weapons, products and services, to heal the wounds that are open and thirsty within the customer. Sometimes, even the customer himself cannot identify his own problem or objective, so the salesperson will become his trusted advisor to support him in this search. The spirit of the successful salesperson focuses more on his environment than on his own benefit.

The type of leader present in the seller:

The salesperson needs to be a leader of himself, convinced of his mission and knowledgeable about his business. Additionally, the salesperson must become a leader and a reference for customers, capable of being a facilitator so that everyone can find what they are looking for.
When a visitor arrives at the store, most of the time he does not know the underlying reason that leads him to be in that place. Perhaps, driven by an advertising message, referred by a friend, with a problem to solve without clear alternatives for a solution, with an anguish that overwhelms him and needs to be healed. The salesperson's mission will be to serve as a facilitator between the customer and the company, between the need and the product, between the objective and the achievement.

Being a great communicator is more than just talking:

Communication in the salesperson becomes his main tool to relate to people. Understanding communication in all its expressions, which include the power to express oneself with words and gestures, the power to write and nowadays to express oneself in social networks, the power to speak in public and communicate with small and large audiences, specialized and simple. In all cases you must be able to make the right use of communication to make the audience understand you, interpret you, and be motivated to act. The salesperson's spirit expresses itself in a thousand ways and is a great communicator par excellence.
Remember that in the salesperson's spirit are present his mission, the consumer's benefit, leadership and the seal of a great communicator. Allied to the competitive spirit, fighter, full of passion and love for his profession.

Por Patricio Peker

Patricio Peker

Author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Salesman with the Golden Eggs: The Step-by-Step Sales Guide. Trainer of Salespeople and Negotiators in numerous companies in America and Spain.