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Upnify Editorial Team - 5 de marzo, 2023


Many times, I ve heard that not everyone can be a salesperson, or that they dont have the skills. A salesperson needs to have a passion for it, while others can devote themselves to administration or finance, which is less visible to customers. It couldnt be further from the truth, since we should all be selling our knowledge, skills, and image, regardless of our position.

Is it such a horrible thing to be in sales?

It would seem that being a salesman is an activity exclusive to public relations people or people who have an exceptional facility with words, those for whom confidence and ego surpass the highest expectations. People who suffer from shyness, who sometimes distrust their abilities, who suffer from fears which often haunt their minds, who feel insecure about their achievements and accomplishments, and who are not the most popular in the region, would find themselves barred and restricted from being salespeople. I assure you that this is not the case.

If you look at the history of the world s greatest salespeople and leaders, you will find people with limitations who have been able to overcome them, and with imperfections but brave enough to persevere and move forward.

Between aptitude and passion for sales:

The English writer Sir Ken Robinson explains in his book "The Element, How Finding Your Passion Can Change Everything", that the key to success and achieving your dreams, in whatever area you are in, is to find the right middle ground where aptitude and passion meet, the place where the things you love and the things you master come together. Passion for sport combined with the ability to play it will lead you to achieve the highest performances. Passion for sales, for service coupled with the ability to relate to people will allow you to be a better leader and a better salesperson.

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Be authentic:

To find your passion for sales and be able to express it freely, you must first cultivate authenticity. Being authentic is the way to express who you are, to be transparent with people, and above all to feel good about who you are and what you feel. When there is identity and coherence between your passions and your actions, you will surely be a happier person, which will be shown in your environment with pleasure. Being authentic is the first step to making you do what you love and dedicate yourself to it with love and work.

What flows is good for you:


One way to measure that you are doing the right thing and it suits you is when things flow. It is not about not encountering stumbling blocks or obstacles, but about feeling deep inside that you are on the right path. If the water flows, let it flow. Surely when your activities are flowing it is because your passions and your sales skills are meeting. From time to time, you will have to adjust your passions and at other times you will have to develop your skills to match what is expected of them.

Accept help:

The great thing about sales teams is that you meet people who are diverse in their thinking, and dynamic so that you are encouraged to perform, differently in their skills and needs so that you see the big picture and improve your performance. Accept the help that other people are willing to give you to enhance your passion for sales to achieve your goals. The road you travel alone is enriching, but the road you travel in a team is more fruitful and enjoyable.

"Every man I meet is superior to me in some way. In that sense, I learn from him". Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Be generous in helping others, and humble in recognizing that what a team can achieve no individual can resist.

Find passion and joy in your work in sales.

Leave the comparison with others to your bosses.

Be the best possible version of yourself, every day, with passion and joy for sales.

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