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3 simple keys to motivating your sales force

Upnify Editorial Team - 19 de septiembre, 2022

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Today we want to share with you 3 easy pieces of advice that if applied we are sure will be the boost your sales force needs to stay highly motivated.

A sales team will always be facing the frustration of the no. However, every yes, every close, every sale is worth so much more, the point is to make your sales team understand this and fight daily with the best attitude. Even details beyond the sales process, a good environment, and 3 simple keys like the ones we will show you below will help you achieve a highly motivated sales team.

1.- Recognize the small big achievements

I would like to start with two questions, ask them now:
How often do you communicate the status of objectives to your team? What efforts do you make on a daily basis to keep your team motivated?

Sharing small, big accomplishments, daily, or at least a couple a week, is a very good way to maintain great sales team health. If someone closes a good deal or gets an appointment with that prospect they have been looking for, let them know in front of the rest of the team how important it is and why it is a big accomplishment.

2.- Use success stories

We recently participated in a workgroup where we shared the case of a company that had many similarities to ours at some point in its history. Today that company is a pioneer and a great success story in its market. Learning about how they achieved their success was a great motivator to apply our objectives.

Research success stories in your market. Learn how they became the star and above all share those success stories with your sales force.


Another idea that helps to motivate and generate confidence in the team is to document the achievements mentioned in the previous point and create a 'playbook' of your collaborators to serve as a reference for similar cases.

3.-Create a culture of gratitude

Every company is an organism composed of systems that are of vital importance, encourage your sales team to recognize the effort generated by other departments to keep it alive. Let your colleagues and collaborators know that they recognize the effort, whether it is to help your sales team, the exceptional work of the marketing department to provide them with quality leads, or the simple fact that the atmosphere at the reception is warmer thanks to the work of the receptionist. Learning to appreciate every detail of others work creates a culture of optimism and keeps spirits high.

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