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Reach your goals using the sales goals feature in Upnify

Upnify Editorial Team - 16 de junio, 2022

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Reach your goals using the sales goals function in Upnify Become More Professional by achieving your individual and company indicators.

Reach your goals using the sales goals function in Upnify Become More Pro by achieving your individual and company indicators.

Create a goal by going to the Tools menu and selecting goals.

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And click on the Add goals button.

Think of the name and write it in Title, for example: Delivered quotations.

Choose the component that defines this sales goal. Here it would be Opportunity Count.

Select if it is an individual, group or company goal.

To adjust the sales goal, use the filter button.  In this example we will add the filter opportunity phases and then select Quoted (one of the business opportunity phases).

Additionally, you can add other filters to help you make the target more accurate. For example, we also want them to have the educational consulting line.

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If you want to add a filter with similar characteristics, as here: where we want to have two phases in the same sales goal, click on the filter again; with the button that will appear, add the condition you require. This will show the goal for the Educational Consulting line in the Quoted and New Prospect phase.

Define the period you are going to measure, whether it will be per week, monthly or in a range of time, among others.

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Now, add the executives who will have to accomplish this objective.

Finally, add the expected number for each of the months.

Remember that a sales goal must be mutually agreed upon by management and the executive. That a deadline should be set for its completion and you should be able to measure it to know if it is reached or not.

Once you have created your sales goals, follow up on them by selecting the period, the goal you want to see and whether you want to visualize it as individual, group or corporate.

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Also find out your individual progress. In the upper right corner you have a trophy where you can see how close you are to reaching your goals.

Use this function and start reaching all your sales goals.

Upnify the system designed to boost your sales.

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