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Why your customers love the speed of response

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Sales | 21 de diciembre, 2022

The companies that sell the most are no longer the largest companies or those with the longest track record in the market; now they are the ones that respond faster to their customers with a proposal that generates value and contributes to solving their needs. Find out why you urgently need to improve your response speed and how you can do it easily and simply.

The urgency to improve your company's response speed is a direct consequence of the digital era and the culture of immediacy. Just 10 years ago if you wanted to buy a product you had to go from store to store to find the best option the truth was that there were not many options and you were left with the first thing you saw.


Now, with the digital era and the exponential growth of new companies, consumers have more options at their fingertips and spend less time searching for options, just go online, look at a few pages and decide to buy.

The reach of almost everything with a single click has caused their patience to decrease drastically, now they want everything immediately, which is why the speed of response becomes paramount for sales.

Loyalty starts from the prospecting stage.

The experience that a lead has with your company starts from the first contact and it is often in the first steps that we can leave the prospect captivated or lose him forever. That's why it's important to improve your response speed to leave your prospect enchanted from the very first minutes.


If a person asks you for a quote it is because he saw in you the possibility of solving his problem, it is always the prospect who takes the first step of trust, now imagine how the prospect feels when you do not send him the quote, or worse, when you send it after he has already solved his problem, probably with your competition.


Don't put your prospect on a silver platter for your competition.


That's right, this is logical but we don't like to think about it, unfortunately, that's how it works, if you don't improve your response speed, the prospect will not feel that his need has been satisfied with you and consequently, he will look for other options that can provide a solution.


What you are looking for is to increase your sales, not those of your competitors. Now you know that delay in answering not only means one less customer for you, but also one more customer for your competition.


Don't put off until tomorrow the sales you can close today.


Each prospect is indeed different and each one takes a certain amount of time to become a customer, but our task is to shorten that time without sacrificing the quality of the attention we provide.

The higher the speed, the higher the chances of converting a prospect, and this is proven by the following statistics from our response speed study. 


Improve your speed of response with a sales CRM


Now that you know the importance of response speed and how it directly affects your sales, you can make use of technological tools to help you improve your response speed. With a CRM system like Upnify, you will improve your response speed because you save time by sending a quote in minutes and you can also automate your automatic communications. With all this you will improve your results with less effort and most importantly, you will get your customers to stay with you.


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