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CRM Upnify CRM | 12 de octubre, 2022

In Upnify we would like to help our users to boost their growth, for that reason every month we make upgrades to the CRM system, to help our customers to reach their goals faster.

The following is an overview of what you can achieve with the new updates of your CRM.

For additional information on this feature go to the following article, where in addition to learning about the tool, you will learn why subscription-based businesses are losing sales and how you can easily fix it with a CRM.

You will no longer forget what you talked about with your customer on the last call

The truth is that we can not rely 100% on our memory, usually because we are thinking about so many things at the same time, we can hang up with our client and a minute later forget what the call was about.

Upnify allows you to make calls to your customers with just one click, however taking notes of the follow-up had to be done after the call, now you can be calling your prospect and at the same time capturing the information in your CRM, so you make sure you don't lose any valuable detail of the conversation.

As you can see in the following screen, the annotations were made by the salesperson during the call, this can be verified with the timer that appears at the top and that measures the time the call lasts. 

To use this function just go to the customers or prospects section, select the name of the customer to whom you want to make the call and then select their phone number, then you will see the following screen where you can capture the real-time tracking.

call follow up.jpg

You will have more order by segmenting your customer portfolio

The tags’ function allows you to segment your customer base, for example, you can put the tag "Web Page" to all prospects who requested information through the form on your page, for these prospects you can activate an email campaign welcoming them and explaining the basic information about your products or services.

Imagine that this prospect decides to buy from you, in other words, they become one of your customers, however, they still have the "Web Page" and "New Prospect" tags, this can make your segmentation difficult and also these tags will continue to activate email campaigns that are no longer relevant to that person. That's why you can now automatically set and remove tags when changing phases.

To activate this function just go to System Menu → Catalog → Customer Phases, then click on the Actions Menu and select phase actions, then the following screen will appear, where you can select which tags you want to set and which ones you want to remove in this phase.

New Action.jpg

Organize all your information easily

In sales, organization is essential, especially when it comes to putting customer information in order, this allows you to find the data you are looking for almost immediately.

 That is why several of our improvements are focused on organization, so that it is easier for you to have the information always at hand. The following update to your CRM may seem simple, but it will be very useful when it comes to organizing your information. Now, to make it easier to organize your information, you have enabled the "see more" button in your customer's data sheet, so you can view all the follow-ups of your prospect in small groups.


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