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the key factor of any successful salesperson

Enthusiasm is the key to sales success.

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Sales | 20 de julio, 2023

One of my favorite definitions of the term sale is the following: A sale is defined as the transmission of enthusiasm from one person to another about a product or a service. Following the definition, a sale is an exchange of emotions between people. The more excited you get about your products and the benefits you can provide with them, the more you infect your customers with this excitement. This will close more business. Passion is the most important factor you need to develop as a salesperson to succeed in sales.

Is enthusiasm born or acquired?

It can be obtained. Enthusiasm is an attitude and you can choose to act with enthusiasm. In addition to these tips, here are 5 more:

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  1. "Master music". Music affects emotions. On your way to work or before your next appointment, listen to songs that change your mood.
  2. Visualisation. Before you go to your appointment, close your eyes and imagine what you want to happen. Visualize what objections the client might have and how you would handle them successfully; try to see step by step how the closing will happen.
  3. Read a sales book. Anyone who thinks sales books are useless is wrong. Such books can give you valuable ideas and strategies to apply immediately. Don't always watch TV. Read instead.
  4. Exercise. Nothing like exercise to boost your mood. Have you ever noticed that even if you are very tired, after exercising you feel much better? It is proven that exercise produces endorphins that make you relaxed and happy.
  5. A delicious coffee cup. Salespeople find it very helpful to relax in their favorite coffee. During this coffee you can do the first 2 points: listen to music or visualize what will happen on the date.

Finally, here's a tip: The most effective time to close a sale is right after closing another one. After a successful closing, your confidence and energy levels are at their highest. Take advantage of this time to contact those prospects with whom you have had a hard time closing and possibly get on a positive streak. You'll be amazed at the results.

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