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Learn how to effectively follow up on your customers with CRM

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CRM Upnify CRM | 1 de febrero, 2023

How much money is your company losing due to a lack of follow-up with your prospects and customers? Learn about the advantages of timely follow-up with prospects and how to do it in an easy and straightforward way.

Statistics indicate that 50% of leads will not be followed up in a timely manner, resulting in decreased revenue for both the company and the salesperson.

Why is it important to monitor your salespeople's business opportunities? Remember that a prospect is a person who is close to making a purchase decision and who has previously requested information about our product or service, some benefits that professional customer follow-up provides you with:

  • Increase sales as a result of professional customer follow-up.
  • Integrate a customer follow-up history with useful information to generate new sales.
  • Build a positive service experience with the customer, gain their trust, and possible recommendations for the attention you provide.
  • Recover sales that other salespeople lose due to a lack of follow-up.

"With Upnify you can easily monitor the follow-up your prospects are receiving."

The sales made by each salesperson or sales group in the period you decide, as well as the sales you are losing due to lack of professional follow-up.

To obtain this information, in the main menu click on Reports, and select Opportunities Without Follow-Up.


You can also filter the information you want to know by an executive, sales group, or the entire company. This will help you better control what your team is doing.


The importance of providing a quality follow-up lies in the visibility you will have with your customers or future prospects, in this way you will show them that each of the processes are carried out effectively and efficiently, likewise, you will give them the confidence to know that their investment and time is valued.

All follow-up opens up a panorama of opportunities. When you make the customer or prospect feel your interest in knowing their needs, you will make them happy and eager to buy your service or product.

By monitoring opportunities without follow-up, you ensure that your company does not lose sales and that your salespeople do not lose commissions.

Remember that "perception is reality", you must be clear that the important thing is how your customers perceive the follow-up you provide them.

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