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Learn how to go out of the ordinary to do something extraordinary in sales.

Patricio Peker - 25 de abril, 2023

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Leaders and collaborators, salespeople and professionals, all without distinction, need to step out of the ordinary to stand out and do extraordinary things. As Malcolm Gladwel´s book Out of the Ordinary: Why Some People Succeed and Others Don´t, rightly mentions, out-of-the-ordinary people are not necessarily the brightest or most talented, but those who manage to align themselves with the right moment to stand out.

In the case of the seller, this means that it is not only essential to offer the right product to the customer, but it must be aligned with the need and appetite to consume it at that moment.


Getting the customer up early


The success of sportsmen and women is due to their ability to practice a certain exercise, individually or as a group, their discipline and recurrent practice, and even the fact that the stars have aligned at birth to procreate them in the first months of the year, which gives them an important advantage in their growth and greater size than the rest. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. The application of this teaching in salespeople could be related to the opportunity to approach the prospect, to get the customer early with the product offer, and to make it at the right moment when the need arises and before the competitors appear.



Set yourself up for success


It is rightly taught that success is a little inspiration and a lot of perspiration, proving that no one has ever gone far without a struggle. Persistence and disciplined work are the keys to achieving the best results and performance. For professional marketers, this means that before you go out to sell and shoot anywhere, you must study and research potential customers, and do market intelligence to find the most suitable prospects willing to buy your products and services. Often you won't need to go far because within your current customer database lies the mine and treasure to attract and grow customers.


Habit makes perfect


You can lose your horizon when you have bad habits, be inefficient, and not achieve the results you expect. Rather, good habits will lead to success for a salesperson, because stubbornness and persistence are very necessary to achieve sales. Only the professional salesperson cultivates the good habits of persistence and constancy. 


Intuition is not a fool's errand


In the past, it was believed that intuition was only a privilege of witches or people with a very special sensitivity. Today it is known that intuition is a quality present in all successful leaders around the world, regardless of their place or origin. Professional salespeople need to develop their intuition to avoid annoying customers, to know when to push and when not to push, to become true advisors and confidants, to create an atmosphere of trust, and to avoid scaring the customer and generating resistance.


The key to becoming an extraordinary person is not only talent and skill, but also working relentlessly until you reach your goal and then keeping at it. Developing your intuition from your emotional intelligence and awareness of each sense will require you to get up early to surprise your customers, prepare for success with plans and determination, and cultivate a habit of persistence and service.

Por Patricio Peker

Patricio Peker

Author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Salesman with the Golden Eggs: The Step-by-Step Sales Guide. Trainer of Salespeople and Negotiators in numerous companies in America and Spain.