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The art of selling. Even if you are shy, you can learn to sell.

Pepe Villacís - 4 de mayo, 2023

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The common belief in the business world is that successful salespeople must be extroverted, talkative and easy to like.

Of course, these "gifts" help to build relationships and open doors. But it is not the only way to be a successful professional salesperson.

In my case, those who know me know that I am communicative, confident, and convincing on the professional side. On the contrary, in my world, I am rather introverted, not very fond of going to meetings and social activities (which I should go to much more, that's for sure!), and rather analytical and methodical in my style.

However, selling is part of my business. So, by following some of the points below, and by striving to practice, practice, practice, practice, riding on my strengths and taking responsibility for my weaknesses, I am now a high-level professional salesman, which allows me to have a growing and successful business. And most of all, as of today... I love sales and I love selling and teaching selling!

Tips on how to sell even if you are shy.

Prepare yourself to sell: professional selling is a technique, it is a method that you need to learn, follow, and master with experience. Read, study, listen to audiobooks, go to workshops, and professional selling workshops. Authors like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Alex Day can guide this part of your development.


Be persistent

who cares if you are criticized? If you believe in your product and yourself, you must persist with your idea.

Say "hello" to everyone.

Practice with people you don't know, and strive to do what you don't like.

Strive to meet people and speak in public.

Get out of your home and office and socialize with people. Talk to the people you meet, say hello to the guy at the shop you always visit, and ask how the guy at the store you usually go to is doing. Ask for opportunities to give talks in front of any audience.

Keep busy.

If you are always busy, going where you are invited, and attending appointments, and meetings, you won't have time to feel uncomfortable or out of your comfort zone.

Avoid apologizing unnecessarily

Many of us who are shy tend to apologize too much. So, unless you have done something worth apologizing for, there is no reason to do so. If this is your tendency, find a way to eliminate it from your speech.

Man refusing extra work without payment.jpg

Respond promptly to a request for reports or contact from prospects or customers

Promptness counts for a lot. When you respond promptly to a prospect's request or inquiry, you generate enthusiasm.

Let them carry the weight of the conversation

You just ask questions and listen. This will take the pressure off and besides, being a good listener is more important in sales than being a good speaker. Just make sure you are paying attention to what customers are saying and take notes.

Be yourself

Whatever you do, don't try to project an image that doesn't match you. Instead, talk to your customers as naturally as possible.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

You may think that asking questions makes you seem less knowledgeable. It's the other way around. Asking the right questions shows that you care about getting the project done in the best possible way.

Smile while you talk

This is a great trick. Having a smile on your face can help you take away any anxious tone you may be used unconsciously. Even on the phone, it helps to sound relaxed and friendly.

Avoid negative thoughts

Before you make the visit or call, avoid thinking about the worst things that could happen during the conversation. This is what positive affirmations are for, as explained in one of the audios on my website.


Be passionate

If you're excited about what you're selling, you'll want to share it with the world. Feeling passionate about your product or service will make you feel less interested in how you are perceived and more focused on being excited about what you offer. 

Practice a lot

 Every time you try to sell and don't succeed you are learning how to sell better, so don't get frustrated and keep practicing.

Some phrases you should never say.

  1. "This is not for me". It's never too late to become what you want to be, keep growing, keep learning, and keep adapting.
  2. "I don't have a choice". If you don't like something in your life, dare to change it.
  3. "I can't". Yes, you can! Even if you are in a bad moment, you may feel discouraged, old, and angry, but the important thing is that you have dreams and desires. There is still so much to do.
  4. "My dreams and goals can wait". In a few years, you will wish you had started today. Start now!
  5. "They are right, my dream is impossible, I must be wrong". Your heart knows what is best for you, listen to it.
  6. "I'll do it tomorrow". Procrastination is the first factor that will stop you from achieving your dreams.

Are you going to take any actions regarding this in your business and your personal life?

Por Pepe Villacís

Pepe Villacís

Bachelor´s Degree in Accounting and Auditing. Master in Business (obtained in Arizona USA). Personal Coach, certified by CoachVille Spain. Business Coach, Management Coach and Coach of Coaches of ActionCoach Mexico.