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Upnify and Zapier are joining forces to help you save time on your sales

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CRM Upnify CRM | 8 de agosto, 2022

Upnify! CRM and Zapier have joined forces to help you save time on the recurring tasks that are necessary to increase your sales. These two platforms are specialists in process automation and now join forces to help you reduce yours and multiply your results.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform dedicated to make a lot of connections between different web applications, with the purpose of unifying your actions and automate your processes.

Using Zapier, the actions you perform in an application will be reflected in another one, all this in minutes. For example, if you create a campaign with Facebook Ads, you can see the data of your new prospects automatically saved in your CRM.

What can you achieve with the integration of Zapier and Upnify CRM?

As mentioned above, the possibility of combinations is very diverse, however below we mention some of the most common integrations that you can do and that will help you save a lot of time in your work.

Facebook + Upnify


Automatically save in Upnify all the new leads you generate from your Facebook campaigns. Stop downloading them in an excel file and then uploading them back to your CRM.

Google Sheets + Upnify


Keeping your personal contact information up to date in a couple of minutes becomes a reality. With this integration, every time that you enter information in a Google Sheets sheet, it will be automatically saved in your CRM. Having all your information organized will help you improve your sales.

Mailchimp + Upnify


New prospects are added continuously to your Mailchimp contact list, with this integration they will be automatically saved in your CRM, so your contact list is growing and you can use the data of your new prospects to continue the relationship from your CRM.

Paypal + Upnify


he relationship with your customer is not finished when you make a sale, add the customers you previously generated from Paypal to Upnify! this will allow you to strengthen the relationship and turn them into regular customers.

Wordpress + Upnify


One of the most used Wordpress Plugins are the Gravity Forms, these allow you to get more prospects, with this integration you can automatically save the data of your new prospects in Upnify so you will not lose their data and you can nurture it until you can generate a sale.

How to integrate Upnify with Zapier?

The integration can be configured by following a series of steps in order to connect the different applications you use to your CRM. This procedure will only need to be done once, as mentioned above, the actions between the different applications will be performed automatically after configuration.

Step 1: Go to the web integrations section inside Upnify

Menu Integrations Web Integrations

Step 2: Zapier integration

Select the Zapier icon and then click on start.


Step 3: Set up the Zapier integration

Select the tags, the origin, the phases and the user to whom the contacts generated through this application will be assigned.

Step 4: Token for Zapier

Upnify will automatically generate a token for you, save it because later it will be used to validate the connection within Zapier.

Example of Facebook integration with Upnify!

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