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What is not measured cannot be managed

Upnify Editorial Team - 27 de junio, 2022

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Knowing where your company has been, where it is going, if something is wrong or if it has reached its goal is not an easy task. Here we share three highly effective tips for tracing a roadmap to success.

To reach a goal, it is important to trace the route you are taking and then adjust it when it is necessary. For this, the implementation of various measurement tools is the key, as you will have knowledge of the company´s priorities while opening a new window to improve performance and productivity, making sure that your team understands the metrics, how they can influence them and what is expected of their performance.

Finding out where your company has been, where it is headed, if something is going wrong or if it has reached its goal is not an easy task, but here are 3 highly effective tips for charting a path to success.

  1. Create concentrated reports.

By creating weekly and monthly reports to share with your managers, you will concentrate your team´s information in time and space, to make better decisions about what is going right and change the strategy regarding what is not going according to plan.

  1. Share information with your commercial team.

Sharing information creates an environment of healthy competition concerning the results as a group and in particular. Encourage healthy competition, you will see how productivity increases in your team.

  1. Monitor the performance of your sales team.

By doing so, you will help them take advantage of their strengths and opportunities, as well as their windows of opportunity.

This way, the next time you come to your meeting, you will have everything you need to present the most complete reports on your sales team´s progress. Take advantage of this information and start working on your benefit.

We wish you every success in your sales!

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