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3 tips for a healthier lifestyle at work

Upnify Editorial Team - 11 de mayo, 2023

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Most people believe that being a salesperson is an easy job since all you do is talk to people and make money. However, the truth is that a career in sales is very demanding and energy-consuming. If you want to be at your peak of energy and performance, you need these 3 tips for a healthier lifestyle at work.

A) Nutrition.

Watch your diet and pay close attention to what you eat. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, like the saying goes: "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper". Unfortunately, many salespeople neglect breakfast and go to work on an empty stomach. Psychologist Abraham Maslow once said that our needs are prioritized, and when we are hungry, nothing is more important than food.

Business productivity suffers when salespeople come to work without breakfast. All companies should require their employees to eat breakfast, and the word "lunch" should not be in the vocabulary of those who skip breakfast. Pay attention to what you eat at breakfast to boost your energy, and keep in mind that dinner is the least important meal, as it is eaten before bedtime when less energy is required.



B) Rest.

The second tip for a healthier lifestyle at work that helps increase a salesperson's performance is rest. It is necessary to sleep and rest one's vital capacities for at least eight hours, just as our grandparents did. However, modern society with its long commute, work that follows you home, streaming services, parties, stress, and other factors make people sleep an average of five hours and 50 minutes per night. This percentage is even decreasing.

There is no work that is worth ulcers, gastritis and not taking holidays because you think that way you produce more because when a person has not slept well, it is noticed at work and it requires speed, lucidity, and being in fullness to answer. 


C) Exercise.

Our third source that helps increase a salesperson's performance is exercise. Many salespeople may not exercise regularly, but they do play sports and participate in up to two football games on weekends. Ideally, however, exercise should be at least three to four days a week, preferably aerobic and in the morning, such as swimming or jogging to oxygenate the brain. Exercise produces natural substances such as endorphins, which help you feel better and improve your health.

With these 3 tips for a healthier lifestyle at work, you will be at your best, elevate your results, have more productive days, and improve your performance as a salesperson.

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