How to be a better salesman

5 tips to help you become an excellent salesperson

Upnify Editorial Team - 19 de abril, 2023


Having negative spells and emotional ups and downs is very common in the sales profession, i.e., some days you feel like you are in the heaven of motivation when you have a good sales streak, and others you feel like you are in a hell of depression when you don´t sell anything. How much do you identify with this?

In my 35 years of experience in the sales profession, I can tell you that mastering this little “detail” is what makes the difference between living in sales heaven or sales hell. Whoever learns to master their emotions and achieves a virtuous circle of positive attitude and motivation will attract more sales, a positive attitude will help you sell more. Likewise, if you get caught in a vicious circle of demotivation you will attract fewer sales, the more demotivation the fewer sales. 

Most salespeople experience ups and downs in practice, i.e., some weeks you are very motivated and others you are very depressed without selling, does your mood depend on whether you sell or not? What´s the point of being motivated when you are selling? Easy, isn´t it? Anybody, I would say. The real challenge is to be motivated when you are not selling, your mood should not depend on whether you sell or not, but it should depend on you, on your inner energy, on your being, on your person, on your inner motivation, on your dreams, on your goals, on what you love in your life, on your ideals, on your loves.

Each person has thousands of motivations inside, detecting them and making them present in life is the key to being motivated. The key to being a great salesperson is to always be motivated and have a positive attitude, but most salespeople don´t know how to achieve this.

To be consistently motivated, you must master the art of switching from unmotivated to motivated mode, the faster you do it the better.

 Here are 5 tips to help you achieve this.

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1.- Detect when you are unmotivated.

First of all, you need to detect when you are unmotivated so you can switch to motivated. Self-observation can help you with this, another way is to ask your boss or manager for help, or a family member or friend to tell you when they see you are unmotivated.

2.- Listen to music.

Create a playlist of music that motivates you and just listen to it.

3.- Do sport.

Sport is one of the best ways to motivate you. Take up a sport. It must be something that you are passionate about and that you enjoy.

4.- Make the cardboard of your dreams.

You will need white cardboard, white glue, several magazines, and colored pencils. On the cardboard, write all your dreams and goals. Example: cut out the car you dream of from a magazine and glue it on the cardboard. You can also use colored pencils and draw pictures. Once you have finished, place the cardboard of your dreams in a place where you will see it every day.

5.- Control your inner voice.

Your inner voice can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Learn to detect and control it. When you hear it saying negative things and/or sabotaging you, put it in its place. Example: when you hear it telling you “I can´t do this, it´s too hard” talk to yourself out loud and repeat “I can do it” “I can do it” and “I am successful”.

Apply these 5 tips that I suggest immediately. Print this article, keep it handy, and apply it today. I guarantee that you will be consistently motivated and become a better salesperson. Everyone has good intentions, but few are those who make significant changes in life for the better. 

Come join us in improving our lives, our work, and our society by improving yourself. You can succeed if you persevere, discipline, and put in the effort.

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