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The mechanism to overcome frustration

Upnify Editorial Team - 17 de enero, 2023


Frustration: Mental state or feeling of disappointment, resulting from a failed attempt to achieve something.

One of the main problems that you will encounter is the high level of frustration experienced when you do not achieve your goals, frustration by itself can affect our psychology to such a degree that we can systematically abandon everything we start.


The reason why it is such an intolerable state of mind is that it makes us feel incompetent, it seems to reaffirm every moment that we are not capable of achieving something and it overwhelms us and forces us to give up on most occasions.


There are several things to know about frustration. The first is that it is a state one hundred percent controllable in its beginnings, the second is that it is the result of an inability to envision a high number of solutions to the same problem and the third is that our mind tends to calculate the effort it will take us to achieve something incorrectly without considering all the variables that life will inevitably introduce.


How is it that we can become able to control it? By approaching our goals with the right point of view. Most people try to reach for achievement, a formula for guaranteed frustration.


This is the first big change we must make, change the approach in which we approach our goals and objectives, the focus should not be an achievement, it should be progressing. Almost all our goals require a certain amount of time and certain factors to materialize, our effort is reflected in the physical universe with a certain delay, which sometimes makes us despair or doubt the validity of our actions, however, it is how things tend to materialize, with effort applied over time.

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Consider then that achievement is nothing more than the accumulation of progress over time, these "progresses" are in themselves small achievements, which will give us the strength and security of the validity and value of our efforts, keeping frustration away from our minds and encouraging us to continue.


Now let's pay attention to point number two: "Inability to envision a large number of solutions to the same problem". Being unable to do something about a problem frustrates any person, it leads almost to apathy, therefore, if the person can do something about it, he would not experience frustration.

How does a person become unable to do something? When he no longer has options to attack the problem, but if he has multiple options, then it can be said that he has more opportunities to try. Without options, there is nothing else to do but sit around sobbing.


The more and better information your mind has, the more solutions it can envision. So the likelihood of experiencing frustration rises proportionally with the absence of functional data and information you have on the issue you are trying to solve.


If you increase the knowledge in that area where you are frustrated, your mind will have the raw material to be able to envision new options to attack and do something about it. Ask yourself: What am I not sure about in this problem? What information do I have that is incomplete? What do I not know about it?


Gain knowledge and with this, you will gain more ways out, new routes that you had not conceived, suddenly the apparent failure will become a resource, a positive experience that will have taught you "how not to do it" and at the same time brings you much closer to "how yes" you could solve it.

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