6 Digital Tools that Boost your Sales

Iliana Suárez Arjona - 2 de marzo, 2017

Marketing Sales

The digital world is becoming wider and wider and users are growing day by day, which is why brands can not stay away from this space.

Today's market is permanently connected to information technologies to satisfy all kinds of needs.

Companies face new challenges in terms of marketing: making their brand stand out from the competition.

And impacting users with useful and attractive content to convert them into customers is one of them.

To boost sales, companies must have the right tools to offer their products or services, highlighting their competitive advantages.

Here are the 6 digital tools that I consider essential to increase your sales


1 - Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can achieve with a video.
Videos are a very powerful tool to publicize the benefits of your products and services.
Today you can find different platforms to promote your content, and depending on the objective you have, there are different types, the most common are:
  • Business video that describes your product or service, showing the benefits you offer.
  • Video testimonials in which your customers can express how they feel when consuming your products or services.
  • If your product or service has certain complexities of use or installation, it will also be advisable to invest in video tutorials.
On Facebook and Youtube there are multiple success stories in the use of videos, which boost the sales of companies considerably. Such is the case of the company Sastrene Grene, a Danish family business dedicated to the sale of household products, which obtained 6 times more sales by running video campaigns on Facebook.

2 - Website

A platform that will help you build trust and provide information about services and their benefits. In addition to being a space for consultation, a visually attractive website made by professionals, with relevant content for your prospects and SEO work, will be like a 24/7 salesperson for your company.
A professional website can become your company's "star seller" in the digital world.

3 - Social networks

Currently there are several spaces for digital socialization, and we must choose which platform or platforms are appropriate for the type of company we have. Think about your target audience and that will help you choose.

Social Media.jpg

It is important that you take into account that it is not only about selling through these platforms; you have to interact and communicate interesting content related to the interests of your audience.

4 - Digital Catalog

When a prospect contacts you looking for detailed and specific information about your products or services, it is very useful to have a digital catalog available, the format par excellence is PDF.
Consider the following points for the development of your digital catalog:
  • Professional and attractive graphic design.
  • Concrete and synthesized information.
  • Careful spelling and writing.
  • Avoid the exaggerated use of technical terms.
  • Use good quality images.
  • Take care of the weight of your file.


5 - Professional Photography

Investing in a professional photography service has great benefits. It will give you the opportunity to show your product as you want people to perceive it. Nowadays there are several platforms where you will be able to use these materials, so that you will get value for your investment.

6 - CRM

It is a system focused on optimizing the way to sell through tools that facilitate communication with customers and streamline the business process, such as sending emails, quotes, invoices, follow-ups, reports, etc.
These digital tools are essential to boost your sales both in the digital world and outside it.

Por Iliana Suárez Arjona

Iliana  Suárez Arjona

B.A. in Communication Sciences from ULSA Cancun, M.A. in Humanistic Psychology. Professor at various universities in the city of Cancun. Entrepreneur and Director of marketing and commercialization at Bauhaus Media Production.