Difference between a boss and a true leader

Upnify Editorial Team - 15 de octubre, 2022


Are you a boss or a leader? Do you want to guide your company to achieve positive results, but you do not know how to do it? In this article we will discuss the main differences between a boss and a leader, and how to generate a positive impact on people to achieve the results that you expect.

A True Definition of Leadership

We would like to become managers or directors of a large company, but in reality, leadership is not that, it is about generating an impact on the people around you to improve their life conditions.

It is common to believe that leadership is influence, even negative influence, but now the modern theories of management leadership indicate that a true leader is one who generates a positive effect on a particular group.

The difference between a boss and a leader

A boss can generate positive behaviors in a team, but only during his presence; on the other hand, a leader makes these positive behaviors continue even in his absence, only in this way the true change within the organizations is achieved.

A boss is only a position, but a leader is the one who moves others regardless of their position and leads them to achieve positive results.

A tip to be a great leader

My tip is to look for the best positivity in people, that will generate that they want to be close to you, follow you and want you to be their leader.

The management communication process

Communicating is one of the most important skills a leader must develop in order to generate a positive impact on people.


Communication begins by asking certain key questions: What do I want to communicate? Who is the receiver of the message? What response do I want to generate? When is the best time to transmit the message? A good leader is aware of these questions, knows what he or she wants to communicate, how it should be done and what effect it will have on people.

Something very important in the communication process is that there is congruence between what you are saying and who you are or how you behave. The lack of congruence in this aspect can tarnish the image of the leader, make him lose credibility and consequently the expected results will not be achieved.


What is High Top Management?


High Top Management is a methodology that more and more business leaders are using to coordinate individual efforts to achieve the expected results, all this under a management leadership vision, seeking the greatest good for employees and for the company.

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