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How to save time in sales without dying but trying

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Sales | 22 de diciembre, 2022

No matter what line of business you are in, the truth is that in sales, time never seems to be enough, you probably have a lead that is demanding too much of your time and does not seem to decide to buy your product any time soon.

We sometimes feel that the day does not give us enough time to perform all the tasks we have, the agenda tells us that we should reach a certain number of visits, and a certain number of calls, and we just are not getting it done. The problem is not that there are not enough hours in the day, it is that we can manage our time better and dedicate ourselves to each task just what is required. Here are some tips that we are sure will help you if you apply them. 


Set priorities

This is probably the most common tip you have heard when talking about time management and it is also the one we have the hardest time complying with, especially when our to-do list gets longer and longer and we want to accomplish everything, but at the end of the day we realize that we have not managed to complete any of the tasks at 100%, this happens because we do not set our priorities correctly and we want to treat everything with the same level of importance. Focus on one thing at a time in order of importance.

Identify your daily tasks

We all have tasks or processes that we perform frequently, we know that they are necessary for the operation of other tasks but they likely require investing in them a significant amount of time and their results are not direct or essential. These are all those tasks with more effort that we know we must do to perform the other important tasks but that requires a lot of time. Once you have established priorities, identify these types of tasks or processes and find a way to automate them or dedicate only the necessary time to them.

Update your sales system

If in the previous step you detected that there are many processes or tasks that you have to perform in a recurrent and monotonous way, it is probably time to question whether your sales system or your different processes are still up to date.

For the XXI century sales, the truth is that spreadsheets are less and less used and effective, and most companies have decided to opt for new systems incorporating technological tools.

Keep all your updated information in one place.

Here is a tip that is easy to use and generates very good results with little effort, simply everything becomes easier when we have our information updated, we know precisely where to find the data we need and we can have access to this information at any time, for this to be possible it is necessary to constantly update your database and be sure that this information is available at any time for all members of your sales force.

Identify your ideal customer and their needs

You will not believe how much time is wasted trying to sell to a person who does not yet need what our product satisfies, in other words, they simply do not need us. In this case, we can choose between two options, keep insisting until they buy from us out of pity or give up when we realize that they will never buy from us, which means wasted time, and in the end, money that never reaches your company.  The healthy thing to do is to leave that prospect and go in search of that person who urgently needs to satisfy a specific need for which our product is the best option.

For the XXI century sales, the truth is that spreadsheets are less and less used and effective, and most companies have decided to opt for new systems incorporating technological tools.

Invest your time in defining the potential customer, the need that your product covers, and if you have the tools to offer them that solution and help them conclude with their problems. Listen to your customers and especially the ones you have already fallen in love with, you will be surprised when you find so many similarities between them. 

Save time with a CRM

More and more companies are becoming more conscious of the importance of time for sales, simply because consumers now want everything instantly, that is why the fastest company is the one that sells the most. That is why it has become a top priority to save time as much as possible to focus on what is important, selling more.

Today, companies have started to look for technological solutions that allow them to automate their daily tasks and thus save time.

A CRM system like Upnify allows you to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks, plus you have all your information accessible at any time so by automating your processes you can leave your work in the hands of the CRM and focus on achieving your sales goals.

Learn more about Upnify CRM and how it can help you organize and update your sales process and keep control at all times of the tracking and results of your sales team, in Upnify, we are here to give you the support you need and we want to see you achieve your goals, approach an executive and let him advise you, in a very short time you will be enjoying the benefits of having control of every aspect of the sales process.

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