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The best attitude for a great job performance

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Training | 28 de noviembre, 2022

How we conduct ourselves in our daily lives will have repercussions in our work life, that is why we invite you to act in an exemplary way and to consider what is the best attitude to present in our company.

In any workplace, selection processes are designed to ensure that you have the necessary skills to fill a position, but that's not all that's required; you must also have the right attitude for the job.


That's why we give you some guidelines on what not to do in the workplace if you want to achieve success.

In many cases, our permanence in the job will depend on our behavior in the workplace. Although as humans we all make mistakes and rectify them, sometimes some mistakes can cost us our job or be subject to a sanction, so we invite you to review and direct your attitude to align it with your job skills and thus ensure a good job performance and good relationships with co-workers.


Every company has its own rules for the correct performance of the functions of the collaborators and that help to maintain order and promote good values among the collaborators, punctuality, pro-activity, respect and commitment are some of those that we normally find in the labor regulations, perhaps in some cases the conditions vary, all depending on the culture of the company, in some workplaces a more flexible schedule will be common while in others it will be normal to comply with a strict schedule and it depends on the attitude of the collaborator to be able to adapt to the culture of the company.


Our first frame of reference should be ethical behavior, which should be present in our actions since we were taught values in our education and can differentiate between right and wrong.


Team members who constantly arrive late, express themselves negatively about their colleagues or the company, do not attend meetings, or do not make a greater effort indicate a lack of education and discipline, generate discontent and in some cases can even cause problems by being political or starting rumors. This type of behavior will never be well seen in any situation in life, much less in the workplace.


In cases like this one, we appeal to the good education and good manners of the collaborator, greet, present good personal care, be optimistic and be willing to help others should be an attitude that is present in every one of us regardless of the corporate culture of our workplace.


The attitude of every employee should always be open to change because nowadays technological innovations are constant and may contribute to improving the performance of a company, so knowing how to adapt to them and maintain an attitude of willingness to learn will always be welcomed by any company.


At the end of the day, these letters should be a little book of conduct for all of us, we suppose that many of these attitudes are already present in all of you due to your upbringing, experience, and common sense.


Keeping a positive attitude and complying with these simple rules of coexistence together with our attitude towards the work to be done and the willingness to always do better, give the best of us, and improve ourselves will be directly proportional to our success at work.

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