The Power of Empathy at the Movies: A Look at Joy

Upnify Editorial Team - 11 de julio, 2023


Cinema allows us to experience a wide range of emotions and connect with different characters and situations.

Among these films, there are times when we find stories that offer valuable lessons that can be applied in different areas of our lives. These lessons can be applied in sales and business. One such film is "Joy" (2015), directed by David O. Russell and starring Jennifer Lawrence. The film stands out for its focus on empathy and how salespeople can harness it to succeed in customer interactions.

In "Joy", we see how the main character, Joy Mangano, uses her empathy and understanding of others' problems and needs to develop innovative products and build strong relationships with her customers. As she faces obstacles and rejection, Joy demonstrates resilience and perseverance, always keeping her customers' needs and desires in mind. 

The film highlights the importance of actively listening to customers, understanding their frustrations, and finding creative solutions that meet their needs. Joy shows empathy for her customers and uses this ability to connect emotionally with them. This allows her to build loyalty and support for her products.

In addition, "Joy" highlights the importance of adapting to different personalities and situations. As Joy faces challenges on her path to business success, she learns to adjust her approach and communication to adapt to changing market and customer demands.

"Joy" is a film that shows how empathy can be harnessed by salespeople and entrepreneurs to understand customer needs, build meaningful relationships and overcome obstacles on the road to success. Through Joy Mangano's inspiring story, viewers can learn important lessons about empathy in the business world.


Here are some of those lessons

Understand the customer's needs

In the film, the main characters demonstrate a deep ability to understand others' emotional and psychological needs. Salespeople can apply this approach when interacting with customers, seeking to understand their wants and concerns beyond what they express verbally. Active listening, asking relevant questions, and reading non-verbal cues can provide a clearer picture of customer needs and deliver personalized solutions.

Make emotional connections

Joy is a clear example of how characters connect emotionally with others, allowing them to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships. Marketers can benefit from this lesson by establishing authentic connections with customers. Showing genuine interest in their lives, concerns, and aspirations can build trust and foster a long-term relationship. Customers are more likely to buy from those who understand them and care about their well-being.

 Adapt to different personalities:

In the world of sales, everyone has their own way of communicating and individual preferences. Empathetic salespeople can adjust their selling and communication styles to suit each customer. This allows them to make a more effective connection and convey the value of their product or service more compellingly.

Resolving conflict with compassion:

The tape also highlights the importance of approaching conflicts and challenges with compassion and empathy. In the world of sales, salespeople are likely to encounter conflict situations or dissatisfied customers. Adopting a compassionate approach and understanding the customer's perspective can help find mutually beneficial solutions and preserve the relationship in the long run.


Value feedback

With Joy, we can see how characters learn to value constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity for personal growth. Salespeople can also apply this principle by seeking and valuing customer feedback. Learning from customers' experiences and opinions can improve sales strategies, products or services offered, and strengthen customer relationships.

This film, based on the true story of Joy Mangano, an American inventor, and entrepreneur who achieved success despite facing numerous challenges, definitely leaves us with several lessons to apply in our day-to-day lives.


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