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The role of managers in motivating work.

Pepe Villacís - 25 de abril, 2023


Work motivation is the responsibility of your company. The commitment and motivation of employees will never be the same as that of small business owners.


  • Presence.


An absentee boss is a common cause of low morale. Even a normally attentive businessperson can get sidetracked by stress, deadlines, or other demands. If you've been cooped up in your office (or out of the office altogether on business trips for weeks at a time) you can easily miss the warning signs of real problems.


  • Consistency.

As much as entrepreneurs love our businesses, sometimes our morale suffers setbacks either because of the business itself or because of personal issues. Before you begin observation of your employees, check your morale to make sure you are not communicating a negative attitude towards your employees.


  • Communication.

One of the causes of low morale is a lack of effective communication. When employees don't know what's going on, rumors fly, and morale plummets. Even if you have nothing but bad news for your team, sharing honestly is better than hiding it. Let them know what's going on and that we're all in this together. And you know what? Fighting together, owner and employees to beat the odds could be exactly what your team needs to get their morale back on track.


  • Make it fun.

You and your employees probably spend more time together than you do with family and friends. If the 8 (or 12) hours a day isn't fun, morale is going to suffer. Even in the clunkiest of industries, there is room to create fun. Follow the example of the high-tech industry and boost your team's spirits with group activities that build team spirit. Don't just force an event on your staff that fits naturally with what your employees like to do.


But what is work motivation and how to generate it?


Driving your business to higher levels of performance can require two types of work motivation. This starts from the conviction that the work environment can be shaped (designed) to become a factor in people's motivation. Successful business owners accept responsibility for the atmosphere of the workplace. In any market and economy, small business has the greatest opportunity to create a motivating environment.


  • Intrinsic employee motivation: This is the form of work motivation that an employee has within him or herself, stemming from a passion or interest in doing a job well.


  • Extrinsic employee motivation: This is the force of work motivation that comes from the outside and is based on recognition and rewards.


Take the time to turn on both forms of work motivation and watch the performance as your staff's performance improves.


3 ways to improve employee intrinsic work motivation.


  • Purpose and raison d'être: How is your company going to change the lives of others? Focus on creating a company culture with a strong mission statement. People want to be part of something bigger.


  • Trust, conviction, pride: help your employees believe in what your company sells. Also, Your staff should be able to experience your products or services.
  • Passion, for example, commitment: hire right, i.e. people who are passionate about their work. If your company requires a market researcher, hire someone who loves research tasks.


3 ways to improve employee extrinsic motivation. 


  1. A) Rewards: Personalize your rewards. Listen to what is important to your employees. Money is not everything. Family time or tickets to a sporting event can be more meaningful.


  1. B) Recognition: Make sure recognition is timely. Therefore, you should offer immediate recognition after a successful operation.


  1. C) Growth: a workplace with several opportunities for employees to grow and expand their knowledge is a motivating company.


Benefits of work motivation.

  • Creates a high-performance work environment and culture.
  • Improves business and staff productivity.
  • Reduces staff turnover. It is important not only for attracting talent to the company but also for retaining talent.
  • Reduces sick days and absenteeism.


Work motivation is your company's responsibility. Employees will never have the same level of commitment and motivation as small business owners. Once you understand this concept, you can move towards taking steps towards building a work motivation system.

Por Pepe Villacís

Pepe Villacís

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