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The successful business requires 5 changes.

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Marketing Training | 19 de abril, 2023

80% of companies do not engage in the transformation process to become successful. So, they tend to fail and die.

Some companies, desperate to survive, are turning to consulting, i.e., external consultants to solve internal problems. While the consultant is present, the issue is solved, but once the consultant leaves, everything reverts to what it was.


You can't change a company when the consultant is the one doing the change.

You can design the best process in the world, but if your entrepreneur and your staff do not engage in that process with a different attitude, the result will be that any attempt to have a successful business will fail utterly. 

By nature, we are all resistant to change. It is much more comfortable to stay in our comfort zone and as the saying goes "better not to make waves", our mind has a self-sabotaging mechanism that automatically activates and leads us to the:

  1. excuse-making.        
  2. Searching for blame.
  3. To a victim mentality.
  4. Denial of facts and realities.


Most entrepreneurs drown in this mechanism of self-sabotage, it is very common to hear entrepreneurs blaming themselves, justifying their lack of results, or playing the victim for not being able to have a successful business.


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to first stop self-sabotaging yourself and break this mechanism in your mind that is just obstructing your way to success in your life and business.


To achieve this start by self-observing your language and attitudes, every time you hear yourself say an excuse or justification, ask yourself the following question: How can I achieve what I am justifying? Become a person who avoids making excuses, avoids looking for people to blame, becomes a person who from now on looks for those who are responsible, start with yourself because the first and only person responsible for what happens in your life and your company is you.


I suggest these 5 changes that you can apply immediately in you and your company, to make it successful.



  • Constantly train yourself.


If you make it a habit to train and develop yourself, you will make the habit of changing your own. If they see you training and developing yourself, they will do the same. What better way to teach by example: Allocate at least 5 hours a week for this purpose.



  • Always stay motivated.


Identify what motivates you and give yourself the rewards you deserve. Make a habit of rewarding and motivating yourself. This will help you maintain a positive attitude in your life, you will feel good and everyone around you will also be infected. 

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  • Establish and stick to a plan of action.


Establish a written plan for you and your company every quarter in which you establish: goals, strategies, and priorities. This way you will be clear about where you want to go, what you want to change, and how to make your company successful.



  • Make it a team effort.


Change must be a team effort. Everyone in your company must be involved in their way. Get into the habit of being a good leader, involve all your staff, and focus on your company's goals and strategies.


  • Give rewards and praise to your staff.

Publicly recognize those who have gone the extra mile and applaud the efforts of those who have gone the extra mile. Find ways to keep your staff motivated and keep morale high at all times. You can do this by establishing a system of rewards and rewards.


Remember that the world is full of great intentions, but few are those who dare to change it. Start with yourself today. Don't expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again, that's "madness" as Albert Einstein would say.


Apply these 5 changes that I suggest immediately. Print this article and keep it handy, so you can put into practice what you have just learned, this way you will follow up on the changes you want to achieve. If you are consistent in practicing these 5 changes for you and your company, you will achieve the success you set out to achieve before you know it.

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