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Tips for a great end of the work year

Upnify Editorial Team - 31 de diciembre, 2022

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Don't let the end of the work year be a nightmare for you and your employees, take action with these tips to keep in mind to close the year with a perfect ending.

The last month of the year, a fateful time that reminds us of the anxiety of finishing projects, presenting results, and getting more and more rushed, seems complicated, we must take a breath and see how to close a perfect year.

It is not easy to focus on small actions that increase the health of the work team when the only thing you have in mind is to achieve a favorable year-end balance and start the next year with the right action plan, however it will be of greater benefit to dedicating at least a couple of hours of the day to improve the environment and productivity.


That's why Upnify would like to remind you of some tips that will encourage you to close the work year successfully. 


Planning and accomplishing

So that you do not feel pressured in excess with the rush to meet the deadlines, goals or objectives break your tasks into monthly, weekly, and daily activities and go attacking one by one, often we want to cover everything at the same time and end up losing focus. If instead, you go attacking each task separately you will see that everything will go better, so when you already have your daily tasks completely fulfilled, the weekly ones will be completed, and with them the monthly ones. 


Take the time to get to know your staff, their fears, concerns, and also their hopes and dreams. the work of the whole year has been achieved and with them, you will achieve even more in the following year. Give time to each employee, see together what their strengths were during the year and make a plan for their areas of opportunity, this way they will be more motivated at the end of the year.


Transmit confidence and security

For many employees, the end of the work year means higher levels of stress, not only because of the burden that we all already carry for the projects and the end of the year but also because of the permanence. It is a complicated situation for many companies; sometimes it is inevitable that the way to continue the company's growth plan includes staff cuts. If the members of your team are not in this situation, let them know that the company's plan is still in force; many times, the uncertainty is worse than the cutback itself. Generate confidence and give them the security of having a place in the project for the following year.


Manage stress and anxiety

Using the end of the year as a pretext to implement group dynamics that help the team relieve stress and anxiety is a very good idea. A quick session of light physical exercise, such as stretching, can help keep employees awake and also reduce high levels of stress. If you combine it with some exercises or mental challenges that force analytical thinking beyond the tasks performed, with games, puzzles, and challenges from the first hour of the day before starting the daily tasks, you will have a much better impact on the perception of stress that colleagues have. 


Seek emotional comfort

For many it is exercise, for others, it is listening to music, the truth is that to help with that extra load of stress that we generate at the end of the work year it is always good to have an emotional outlet. Find yours, whether it's a walk at the end of the day or going to the gym, or doing yoga, even meditating a few minutes a day is a good practice that requires nothing more than being in a quiet place and your willingness.

Take a quick break for a rest

It's a habit for many to take work home with them, even on their day off or even on vacation. Please stop doing it. A key piece in the fight to lower those stress levels, especially at times like the end of the year, is learning to completely disconnect from work. Regardless of whether you planned to take a vacation in December or just be away from the office on Christmas and New Year's Eve, you should try to put work aside and use that time to spend with your family and loved ones, as these interactions also contribute to controlling stress levels.


Improve your habits

Almost all of us wait for the beginning of a new year so that exercising, eating healthy, or reading more are our resolutions, and it turns out that before we realize that the year has already begun, the resolution is already in the darkest corner of our mind, forgotten and dusty. Start now, before the end of the year. You can go little by little, change small things, and set goals and objectives, as well as work, daily, weekly, and monthly, so, for example, that desire to read more can be a new habit for 30 minutes a day and when January arrives you will have a head start on your goals.


We truly hope these tips will help you achieve your goals for this quarter-end and, of course, for a successful end of the work year.

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