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Traditional vs. psychological sales model.

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Sales Training | 28 de septiembre, 2022

Sales model. Learn the differences between the traditional sales model and the new model based on psychology and increase your sales.

In recent years, there has been a revolution in the field of sales on the traditional and modern ways of how to sell, in the new psychological sales model 40% of this process is intended to build a foundation of trust with potential customers, a salesperson now a consultant, must understand the deep needs of their customers and ask the right questions during the interview to present a tailored suit.

In the past markets were closed, there was no competition, all that was required was to put the product close to the prospect or customer, and there was no comparison, benchmarking and situations that are important today for your prospect to make the right decision, therefore, it is considered an old model of selling.

In the traditional model, trust is assigned a value of 10 points, which means that it was not important to relate or build a bridge of communication, then there were the needs if you qualified or profiled, at the end of the road it did not matter who you were with, in the fundamental part of this traditional sales model is the presentation of the product to the prospect (reciting all the characteristics of the product) and at the end the famous closing. One of the main factors in the traditional method is that closing occupies an important and strategic part.

In the psychological sales model, trust instead of 10 percent in the traditional model is now worth 40 percent, and needs now represent 30 percent, you must emphasize knowing your prospect, your potential customer, his dreams, his doubts, his fears, his longings, worries, tastes, whims, what this new model proposes is to become an expert in the psychology of people, are you willing to know people in their human aspect? Today, in the new psychological sales model the name of the game is zero manipulations, zero pressures, they are no longer salesmen markets, and the perspective of the paradigm changes where the closing is no longer important. Today you no longer sell, today they buy from you, today you open, and you are willing to change and adopt these new skills

You must remove the sign of the weight of the forehead as established by the traditional model, now you have to give a human and personal approach to your sales process, the friendship factor in the psychological sales model is first I relate and then I sell, first I achieve trust and then they collaborate to go outlining, what, how, when, where, for what? The only way to achieve this is to conquer them with the friendship factor for which you must relate and sell.

At the end of the road is the presentation, give them 20 percent, now that you have listened to them, you know how to present the suit to them, and your benefits must match those needs that the client or prospect is looking for. The prospect is looking for prestige, security, productivity, prestige, analyze the information you collected in the interview and use the professional confidence that you must match with two or three benefits of your product for the sale to be made, the only thing you do is to advise the purchase in this new model, the closing falls by gravity.

Change your sales model, now you must be more consultative and psychologist, you must have in mind to be an advisor not a supplier, a strategic partner, aspects that you can discover through trust and the need to generate long-term relationships.


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