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The perfect time to end the relationship with your prospect

Upnify Editorial  Team Por Upnify Editorial Team

Training | 12 de noviembre, 2022

Surely it has happened to you that you have a prospect who is very enthusiastic about buying your product, you have already sent him the quotation and you are waiting to close the sale, but your prospect simply gives you the runaround, keeps thinking about it and time goes by and you still do not have a concrete answer. What should you do with this prospect? Is it time to end the relationship or is he a potential customer?

This is a situation that most salespeople find themselves in on more than one occasion and it is worth analyzing how profitable it is for you to continue investing time and effort in following up with that prospect or if it is time to end the relationship.


In search of your ideal client

Before deciding if you should end the relationship with your prospect you should think about who your ideal customer is, what their needs are, and what characteristics they have that will lead them to decide to buy your product, this prospect may not be the customer you are looking for and if you force the sale you may jeopardize the customer's experience with your brand.


Loyalty begins in prospecting; we are looking for that customer who will buy from you and stay with you forever.

We recommend this article for you to put into practice an effective technique to know the needs of your customers and then we will explain the three characteristics that your ideal customer must have.


I need you and I know I need you!

We would all like our prospects to tell us openly that they need us, it would certainly make the seller's job easier, but unfortunately, it is not that simple, however, to consider a person as a prospect you must first verify that they need that your product satisfies and that they are aware of that need, a person who has a problem that can be solved with your product but does not have the slightest intention of solving it is of no use to you.


I have the power!

This point is why many prospects are not qualified and do not become customers, it is because they are not decision-makers, that is, it is not in their hands the decision to buy or not your product. This is common when a department head asks his employees to quote several options to buy a certain product, in this case, the prospect that you must captivate is the decision maker, try to get in touch with him by other means.


I can buy it!

 It is useless if your prospect has the need, is looking for a solution, and has the power of decision but has not contemplated within its budget to invest in your product. Maybe this prospect is not ready to buy at this moment but maybe in the future, he will.


This is where the economic factor comes in, your prospect must have the purchasing power to buy your product.


It's time to end the relationship

Each prospect is different just as each person is different, you must indeed analyze each situation, however, if your prospect does not have any of these qualities you should start to consider ending the relationship. 


In case you decide to end the relationship with your prospect it is very important that you do it on good terms and leave the window open for future occasions.


How to end the relationship?

As already mentioned, the best thing to do is to end the relationship on good terms, and as in any human relationship the salesperson-prospect relationship is based on trust, if you close the door the trust is broken, and the best thing to do is to leave a window open to reach an agreement in the future when the prospect's situation changes. Let your prospect know that you understand their situation, that you feel it is not the best time to do business, and most importantly, make sure it is clear to them that you will be there for them in the future.


The tool to manage the relationship with your prospect

An excellent tool that will help you create a bond of trust with your prospect is a CRM system like Upnify, in which you can give the follow-up that each of your prospects deserves, by having all the information of your prospects organized and in one place you can make decisions that go according to their needs and thus achieve increase your sales if you want to know more about how to improve your follow-up with a CRM system.

Now, after reading all this article comes the long-awaited question: Is it time to end the relationship with your prospect? We hope our advice has been useful to make this important decision.


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