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What is Customer Engagement and how to reach it?

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Sales Training | 8 de junio, 2022

In this article you will learn what Customer Engagement is, how you can easily reach it within your company and which technological solutions can help you simplify this process effortlessly.

Customer Engagement Definition

Customer Engagement is the bond that is created between brands and consumers, all companies should aspire to reach a good level of Customer Engagement with their customers because a happy customer becomes the main promoter of the brand.

In short, it is about leaving your customers delighted with your product and with the attention you provide them so that they voluntarily decide to continue buying from you and invite other people to buy your products.

MarTech technologies to reach Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement sounds very nice in words but the reality is that when it comes to putting it into practice it is a little more complicated than it seems, that's why here is a new term, MarTech, with the purpose of facilitating the engagement with your customers.

MarTech is the combination of the English words Marketing and Technology, it is about technological solutions oriented to marketing. This becomes very relevant when speaking in the context of the digital era and especially when considering that most companies are focusing all their efforts to attract and engage customers on digital marketing.

Customer Engagement Oriented CRM

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Among the MarTech technologies that will help you strengthen Customer Engagement with your customers is the CRM or Customer Relationship Management system, which is a relationship manager with consumers, hence its importance and relevance within Customer Engagement.

CRM is a system or software in the cloud oriented to create complete technological solutions for companies to reach an increase in Customer Engagement with their customers. It integrates different functions of marketing, sales and customer service, which makes it a very efficient tool for Customer Engagement because it facilitates the accompaniment of customers throughout the process.

Main benefits of MarTech and CRM oriented to Customer Engagement

Broad view of customers and their needs

A CRM gives you the complete picture of your customers which allows you to make the right decisions when devising effective marketing campaigns, which can also be automated from a CRM.

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Merging sales and marketing processes

Through CRM, sales and marketing processes are simplified to create a single funnel or Buyer Journey through which customers go from the prospecting stage to post-sales service.

Website and Social Media Integrations to CRM

The world of CRM now revolves around integrations, each one of them is like an extra arm to the CRM that helps companies that use it to increase the reach they have with their customers, two of the main integrations are with the website and Facebook, learn more here.


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