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Learn, apply and sell more (10/18)

Customer classification

Customer classification according to channel.

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Sales Training


The perfect salesperson profile

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Elevator pitch
Elevator pitch helps you to increase your sales

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 22 de agosto, 2022

Very simple tools that well worked can give you an excellent elevator pitch that when used at a social event or any other occasion will surprise you with how it becomes a conversation starter.

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work in sales
The blessings of working in sales

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 20 de agosto, 2022

Very few professions are like sales. Learn about the blessings and advantages of working in this rewarding profession.

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Retain talent
Retention of talent in your sales team has a major role to play.

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 18 de agosto, 2022

Retention is a practice totally related to the exercise of leadership that you must guide in order to identify, develop and systematically promote the most talented people.

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Customer information
It is very important that you have all possible information about your customer

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 16 de agosto, 2022

It is very important that you have all possible information about your customer

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Networking as a sales strategy for your company

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 14 de agosto, 2022

Use networking as a strategy to generate new partnerships to help you attract customers

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professional email
Best practices in writing professional e-mails

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 12 de agosto, 2022

We give you some tips on how to write your professional e-mails correctly.

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Why is lack of organization affecting the growth of your SME?

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 10 de agosto, 2022

Discover the relationship between the lack of organization in SMEs and the growth they can achieve, and learn easy strategies that you can implement in your company to improve your organization and increase your sales.

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CRM with Zapier
Upnify and Zapier are joining forces to help you save time on your sales

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 8 de agosto, 2022

Upnify CRM and Zapier have joined forces to help you save time on the recurring tasks that are necessary to increase your sales. Both platforms are specialists in process automation and now they are joining forces to help you reduce your processes and multiply your results.

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Customer service
How to Improve Customer Service | The Secret Recipe

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 5 de agosto, 2022

The secret recipe is the space where you will learn the essential ingredients to meet your goals as an entrepreneur and take your company to the next level. In this article you will learn the 5 elements to improve customer service.

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