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effective communication
Sales success depends on effective communication with customers

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 3 de agosto, 2023

Effective communication conveys confidence and professionalism and enables ideas to be conveyed effectively.

customer experience
Why do some experiences fail to satisfy customers?

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 3 de agosto, 2023

Do not be afraid to personalize experiences, focusing your actions on the customers who make up your most attractive profile.

Generative Artificial Intelligence: Does it threaten business?

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 2 de agosto, 2023

A number of risks are associated with GEN AI, but they should not be ruled out.

Predictive modeling benefits in business

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 1 de agosto, 2023

Predictive models play an important role in the success of businesses.

working generations
Different Generations in the Workplace

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 31 de julio, 2023

Companies can create a motivating and productive work environment for all generations.

Mystery shoppers
The mystery shopper´s role in business success

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 28 de julio, 2023

In today´s market, companies that use Mystery Shoppers are better positioned to stand out. They can also build lasting relationships with their customers.

Make your sales management more efficient by using a CRM

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 27 de julio, 2023

A CRM system can improve the process of quoting products and services for any organization seeking to improve its sales management.

 Artificial intelligence
Neuromarketing and Artificial Intelligence in the digital era

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 26 de julio, 2023

By balancing science and technology, brands can realize the full potential of neuromarketing and artificial intelligence. This will enable them to succeed in a highly competitive and constantly evolving environment.

The Power of Storytelling

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 25 de julio, 2023

Storytelling is a powerful tool for building trust in marketing and sales.