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Understanding Customer Needs

Important premise: the success of your business does not depend on the products you sell... Your business does not depend on your product. No matter what type of business you want to undertake, your business does not depend on the products you sell. Your business depends on the customers you serve.

By Pepe Villacís 6 de marzo, 2017

Human Resources

Human Resources and Their Contribution to Productivity

It is very common in companies that the production and quality areas are the experts in terms of productivity, since they are responsible for making the processes efficient and achieving the highest possible production with the available resources.

By Gonzalo Callejas R. 27 de febrero, 2017

cold calling

Cold Calling: Yes You Can

Cold calls are telephone contacts made to a list of potential customers to make sure they exist, obtain their complete data, qualify them as prospects and interest them in continuing the interaction with our business, either by accepting a visit, receiving commercial information, attending an event, taking a subscription, etc.

By Upnify Editorial Team 27 de febrero, 2017


The Mission and the Spirit of the Winning Salesperson

The spirit of the salesperson is a sum of qualities and attitudes but, in essence, it is a set of values and principles which make up that special being called salesperson. Among them, there will undoubtedly be the sense of mission, which is pursued with perseverance until the objective is reached.

By Patricio Peker 27 de febrero, 2017


Know The 5 Steps to Make your Sales More Effective

Without a doubt, selling is one of the least favorite activities for independent salespeople. Unless your profession is specifically selling, it can be seen as a hard-to-get accessory.

By Gabriela Turiano 22 de febrero, 2017