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identifying customers

How to identify customers?

One of the most common mistakes marketers make is to think that our product or service is so superior and extraordinary that practically everyone needs it.

By Upnify Editorial Team 5 de agosto, 2023

sales prospecting

Expand your sales prospecting vision

Prospecting is the search for prospects in the sales process. Making an analogy with the hand, it is considered the thumb of sales as it represents 80 percent of this activity.

By Upnify Editorial Team 5 de agosto, 2023

 success in sales

10 key aspects that will help you succeed in sales

To succeed in sales, we must always present ourselves as the best option for the buyer, regardless of the business or company´s line of business. The truth is that extraordinary strategies must be devised to succeed in sales. In addition, it is necessary to understand some factors such as seasonality, the environment, and even the psychology of the consumer. This will enable us to plan strategically that will lead to sales success.

By Upnify Editorial Team 19 de julio, 2023