Upnify CRM
Know The 5 Steps to Make your Sales More Effective

Por: Gabriela Turiano - 22 de febrero, 2017

Without a doubt, selling is one of the least favorite activities for independent salespeople. Unless your profession is specifically selling, it can be seen as a hard-to-get accessory.

CRM system
What should a CRM system have?

Por: José Puchades - 13 de febrero, 2017

To manage our customers we need not only a well-organized database, but also a tool such as a CRM system that facilitates the management of the database and the relationships with customers, and where the commercial activity is reflected.

Sales Training

Por: Upnify Editorial Team - 9 de febrero, 2017

Sales training will help you incorporate the concepts, skills and abilities required to generate more profits and therefore more commissions.